Injection molding


Injection molding

The production of products by injection molding Hydro-United provides a wide range of sealing elements for hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as other seals.

Molding of polymers under pressure is the technological process of plastic processing by injection of polymer melt under pressure into the injection mold and then cooling it. This method is optimal for products with complex geometry.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with all norms of modern production, and also meets all European standards.

A qualified selection of material will ensure the uninterrupted and reliable operation of your equipment, so we are ready to provide all the required professional assistance.

  • S-PU – optimized to work in conditions of insufficient or poor lubricant and the dry friction
  • T-PU – designed to operate at temperatures down to – 50⁰С
  • X-PU, PU-H, XS-PU – polyurethane increased hardness
  • H-PU – resistant to hydrolysis
  • PU

It is possible to develop products according to the technical task of the customer.

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