Manufacture of seals Seal Jet


Seal Jet Technology

With the method of turning, Hydro-United provides a wide range of sealing elements for hydraulics and pneumatics.
Turning products from various types of polymers are used for compaction and many types of mechanical assemblies, in a large temperature range. Manufacture is made by means of machining by the machine tool with CHPU, that provides the maximum accuracy of manufacturing of a detail (up to 0,0001 mm).

Materials used in production:

  • All types of polyurethanes
    • S-PU – optimized for operation in conditions of insufficient or poor lubrication, and also with dry friction
    • T-PU – designed for operation at low temperatures up to -50 ° C
    • X-PU, XH-PU, XS-PU – high hardness polyurethanes
    • H-PU – resistant to hydrolysis
    • PU
  • Teflons (clean, as well as filled)
  • Structural plastics
  • Different kinds of rubbers

A qualified selection of seals and material will ensure the uninterrupted and reliable operation of your equipment, so we are ready to provide all the required professional assistance.

Advantages of the method
Production by this method reduces the time of manufacturing the product
Ability to manufacture non-standard products
Manufacturing of high-quality materials
The minimum order is from 1 unit

Our products are manufactured in accordance with all norms of modern production, and also meets all European standards. It is also possible to develop products according to the customer’s specification.

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