Production and repair of HPH


Production and repair of HPH

Hydro-United company supplies and manufactures high pressure hoses. High pressure hose is an important part of the hydraulic system.

HPH is a flexible pipeline for transportation of special hydraulic and motor fluids based on mineral oil, liquid fuel, grease, glycol or water emulsion under pressure, to transfer the operating force.

Most often, the sleeve is installed in bends, for example when transferring energy to lift the bucket of an excavator. High pressure hoses can transmit not only energy, but also a product, for example, supply of drilling mud under pressure into the well. The high pressure hose has several layers: an inner rubber layer, a metal or textile reinforcing skeleton, an outer rubber layer.

Own production of high pressure hoses (HPH) and high pressure hoses allows us to guarantee favorable conditions and reasonable prices for the entire list of our products, including rubber hoses, used as flexible pipelines for supplying a variety of liquids and gases under high pressure.

Hydro United types of sleeves:

Modern manufacturers produce all kinds of high pressure hoses, with different diameters, resistance to the working environment and temperature influences, the working pressure of which is directly related to their design. The main types of WFDs are:

  • With one braid of type 1SN, 1SC
  • With two braids of type 2SN, 2SC
  • With three braids of type 3SK
  • With four guilloche type 4SP, 4SH
  • With six guilloche type R13, R15
  • Cold-resistant sleeves 2SN, 2SC, 3SK, 4SH

High-pressure hoses are in demand in almost all areas of industry, where the control systems of mechanisms are carried out by means of hydraulic or pneumatic drives:

  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Mining machinery
  • Forestry equipment
  • Municipal economy
  • Oil and gas industry

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