Production Hydro United

Mechanical seal serves to seal the shaft, which transfers mechanical energy to the working mechanism, in such equipment as pumps, compressors, agitators. They serve to separate two working environments with different physical properties, preventing leakage.

With the method of turning, Hydro-United provides a wide range of sealing elements for hydraulics and pneumatics. Turning products from various types of polymers are used for compaction and many types of mechanical assemblies, in a large temperature range. Manufacture is made by means of machining by the machine tool with CHPU, that provides the maximum accuracy of manufacturing of a detail (up to 0,0001 mm).

The production of products by injection molding Hydro-United provides a wide range of sealing elements for hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as other seals. Molding of polymers under pressure is the technological process of plastic processing by injection of polymer melt under pressure into the injection mold and then cooling it. This method is optimal for products with complex geometry.

Hydro-United company supplies and manufactures high pressure hoses. High pressure hose is an important part of the hydraulic system. HPH is a flexible pipeline for transportation of special hydraulic and motor fluids based on mineral oil, liquid fuel, grease, glycol or water emulsion under pressure, to transfer the operating force.

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